Refined Cooking Oil


Sunflower Oil Specification
Specification Refined RBDW
Appearance Clear yellow oil
Quality standard Food grade
Package Net 25kg/190kg/200kg drums, IBCs, flexitanks
Product availability 1000mt/month
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Sample Free or negotiated
Refractive Index(20°C) ca. 1.476
Relative Density(20°C/20°C) ca. 0.922
Iodine Value 135-150 g I2/100g
Acid Value NMT 1.0 mg KOH/g
Peroxide Value NMT 10.0 meq/kg
Saponification Value 186.0-198.0 mg KOH/g
Unsaponifiable Matter NMT 2.0%
Moisture and Volatiles NMT 0.1%
Gardner Color NMT 5
Cold Test Clear after 5.5 hours at 0°C
Lead NMT 0.1 ppm
Arsenic NMT 0.1 ppm
Cadmium NMT 0.1 ppm
Mercury NMT 0.1 ppm
Dioxins NMT 0.75 pg/g
Dioxins & Dioxin-like PCBs NMT 1.25 pg/g
Total  PCBs (28, 52, 101, NMT 40 ng/g
138, 153 et 180)
Benzo(a)pyrene NMT 2 ppb
Sum of B(a)P, B(a)A, B(a)F NMT 10 ppb
and chrysene
Solvent Residues NMT 1.0 ppm
C16:0 Palmitic 4.0–10.0%
C18:0 Stearic 1.0–5.0%
C18:1 Oleic 8.0–21.0%
C18:2 Linoleic 68.0–83.0%
Total Plate Count Max. 1,000 CFU/g
Molds & Yeasts Max. 100 CFU/g
E.coli Negative /g
Salmonella Negative /10g
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative /g


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