Pure Peanut Oil



Pure Peanut Oil

There are a whole lot of Pure Peanut Oil to pick out from, and every has sure blessings and motives for the use of them. one of the main appeals of peanut oil is that it has a better smoke point than others, so that you can use it for high-warmness cooking and deep-frying without stressful about the oil smoking and burning.

Further to its high smoke factor, peanut oil has a impartial taste, making it very versatile and a notable multipurpose oil to preserve in the kitchen. To make deciding on a peanut oil less complicated, we created this listing, outlining the high-quality peanut oils for cooking, baking, deep-frying, or even popcorn-making.

Here are the pleasant peanut oils to have to your cupboard

Pura Vida herbal and natural peanut oil is an first rate cooking oil that may be utilized in American, Thai, chinese language, South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. not like most keep bought peanut oil manufacturers, Pura Vida makes use of first-rate nuts for pressing below a low-warmness system if you want to keeps a good deal of the herbal groundnut characterizes and vitamins.

The robust peanut aroma and flavor are top notch for adding the taste of roasted peanut to any dish. This made in the united states of america product is low in saturated fats and has zero trans fat, with healthful omega-6 fatty acids. The mild coloured oil, with it smoking point of 450°F (232°C), makes a great substitute for different vegetable oils whilst flash or quantity frying, and also can be used as a gourmet oil for drizzling peanut flavor on a number of dishes.

“Pura Vida a 100% natural oils are produced in small batches with the best hand decided on whole nuts from around the arena. The cease outcomes are seasoning oils used to complete dishes adding layers of complexity to the flavor and texture of your culinary creations. it is a distinction you may taste and respect in their smooth, dense, deep flavors.” Refrigerate after beginning.

Product Type Peanut Oil
Nut & Seed Oil
Place of Origin  Bac Giang – Vietnam
SmellPure Natural Peanut Flavour
UsageFood Process
Quality StandardClean
Packing size  1L
Storage  Cool Dry Place
Plastic bottle
MOQ  2000 bottles