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Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil CP10 it really is extracted totally from sparkling seeds of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) the usage of no longer something however bodily strain, unheated. The high content fabric of vitamins E make Palm Kernel Oil an effective antioxidant. The regularly used technique for extracting the oil via chemical solvents and warmth destroys each taste and health advantages of this excellent factor.
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Our Malaysian Palm Kernel Oil is actually extracted the usage of mechanical manner in a sustainable way. Our unrefined, herbal palm kernel oil is excessive notable and occasional moisture to make sure that it spawns healthier vegetation.

We provide you with palm kernel alternatives of herbal solvent extracted (NSO), automatically extracted (ME) or hulling extraction that limits using solvents. moreover, we offer broadly talking refined & bleached shellers (REBS), bleached most effective shellers(BOSS) and full bleached shellers(FBS) depending to your cease usage like meals merchandise, animal soaps and bio. our enterprise provides the deliver of one hundred% real palm kernel cP 10 indonesia


unfastened Fatty Acid ( % ): zero.1percentMax

Moisture & Impurities( % ): zero.1p.cMax
Slip Melting point: 24 Max
Cloud issue: 10 Max
Iodine value (g/a hundred g): fifty eight Min
shade Lovibond 5 1/four “: red 2.five Max Yellow 25.0 Max
appearance: pale yellow, top notch & clean oily liquid
scent: Bland, odorless

RBD Palm Oil 2023

utility: Deep-frying oils for food industries, i.e. noodles, snack foods, and so on. appreciably utilized in manufacturing of margarines, shortenings, ice cream, condensed milk, vanaspati, cookies, and so on. Appplication: specifically as cooking and frying medium. significantly utilized in manufacturing of margarine and shortening.

software: Used for production of strong point fat, i.e. margarines, confectionery fat, bakery, milk company, and so on. extensively utilized in manufacturing of non-foods, i.e. cleaning soap, candle, and so forth.

Palm oil, palm kernel oil and Soybean Oil are all styles of vegetable oils which can be produced with the useful resource of crushing the fruit of the Oil fingers, similarly to, exacting cold Pressed extraction on round Burg + red Burg in shape to be eaten Oils for sensitive merchandise.