Jatropha Oil Seeds



Jatropha seeds
1.Germination: >90.0%
2.Neatness: 99.0%

Jatropha plant species is a promising source of Bio-diesel or in other words we can say that it is a bio-fuel crop producing seeds with high oil content. Additionally, it can grow well for about 40 years and can even thrive on infertile soil. 

Germination : 85%

Pure Fresh graded seeds

Jatropha can be grown on low fertility, marginal, degraded, fallow, waste and other lands (e.g., land along canals, highways or railways, on the borders of farmers fields as a boundary fence) in different agro-climatic conditions, including semi-arid areas. It can also be planted around windmills in wind farms and around transmission towers below power transmission lines. Jatropha plant prevents soil erosion and shifting of sand dunes. It is not browsed on by animals.

Jatropha is propagated through seed and stem cuttings. Seedlings are grown in the nursery for three months and can be transplanted when 40 to 50 cm tall. Direct seedlings can be planted after good rainfall

Commodity – Jatropha Seeds


Uses: Oil extraction, plantation

Oil Content: 38-42%

Moisture: 10% Max

Packing:50 Kg Jute bags/Customized packing available.


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