Crude Rapeseed Oil wholesalers UAE



Crude Rapeseed Oil wholesalers UAE

We are  wholesalers of  Crude Rapeseed oil UAE  which is chemically modified, odorless and tasteless natural fat extracted from the seeds of oil rapeseed plant. It has a number of benefits in comparison with sunflower and palm oils. Kgai rapeseed cooking oil is quite rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for our health

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Kgai are Crude Rapeseed Oil wholesalers uae that  is pressed from the seeds of red and brown rock-oil rape (Brassica napus and Brassica rapa), both annual plants in the brassica family. Commonly used in salad dressings  and mayonnaise, rapeseed oil is a healthy substitute for butter or vegetable oils for cooking. It has excellent color stability as well as physical flexibility, meaning it does not become too hard during repeated deep-frying, or lose its viscosity when heated up on a stovetop. Rapeseed oil can also be applied topically to treat skin conditions like acne. Please contact us for best quality edible oil suppliers

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Buy quality Leaping Bunny certified crude rapeseed oil best for your cooking. it is in a bottle of 1000 ml that you can use to create nice stir fries, grilled recipes by using less quantity compare to sunflower or soybean oil bringing out the natural flavors leak on dark food at much lower temperature

Product: Rapeseed Canola Oil
Type: Crude
Standard: Conform To International Or National Standard.
Physical And Chemical Analysis Value:(The Values May Vary on Standards).
Transparency: Transparent, a nobecula Is possible.
Smell And Teste: Characteristic To Rapeseed Oil, Without Outside Smell And Teste.
Color Index,Mg of iodine:85 maximum.
Acid Value,Mg KOH/g: 4,0 maximum
Moisture And Volatile Matter %: 0,25% maximum
Phosphorus Amount %:0,76 Maximum.
Erucic Acid:5,0 maximum
Flash Point,°C:230oc minimum.
Not Fat Admixtures %:0,15% maximum
Packing: Bulk In Ship Or Flexi Tank(flexi Bag)


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