Refined Sesame Oil



Refined Sesame Oil

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Product Sesame oil black
Ingredients seeds
CAS Number


EINECS Number Not available
FEMA Number Not available
 Citrus limon
Sesamum Indicum
Botanical Source
Sesamum Indicum
Origin Sweden
Consistency Typical consistency of Essential Oils.
Absorbtion Readily absorbed in skin.
Grades Available 1. FCC Grade
2. Pharmaceutical Grade
3. Food Grade
4. Cosmetic Grade
5. Raw/Unrefined
6. Refined
7. Virgin
Part of Plant Used Seeds
Extraction Process Cold Pressed
Caution Extremely strong odour and taste, avoid contact with skin.
Impurities None
Residual Solvent None
Appearance Clear fluid liquid.
Colour Pale yellow to Dark greenish brown
Smell, Odour, Aroma Strong Characteristic odour
Taste Strong Aromatic taste of Cucumber
Specific gravity
Refractive Index
Acid Value Less than 10
Solubility Practically insoluble in alcohol & water, soluble in oils.
Water/ Moisture Less than 0.1%
Peroxide Value Lesss than 10
Constituents Essential fatty acids
Total Plate Counts Less than 1000 cfu/gm
Total Yeast & Molds Less than 100 cfu/gm
E-Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Staphyloccus Negative
Total Heavy Metals Less than 10 ppm
Lead Less than 1 ppm
Arsenic Less than 1 ppm
Mercury Not detected
Sesame oil black is common species of Melon which is native to warm temperate regions.
It is a small vine with yellow flowers and spade shaped green leaves.
Sesame oil black have strong bland taste and aromatic odour. The leaves are widely used in food applications.
Sesame oil black herb has been used internally (as Tea) or externally (as ointment) for treatment of disorders of the gastroinstinal tract.
This product is quite stable and non reactive.
Does not contain any toxic ingredients.
1. In well fitted container in cool and dark place with temperature around 25° C.
2. The drums should be kept closed when not in use.
The product have shelf life of 2 years when kept in standard storage conditions.