Buy Palm Kernel OIl CP10



Buy Palm Kernel OIl CP10

Buy Palm Kernel Oil CP10 which is extracted entirely from fresh seeds of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) using nothing but physical pressure, unheated. The high content of Vitamin E make Palm Kernel Oil an effective antioxidant. The often used method for extracting the oil by chemical solvents and heat destroys both taste and health benefits of this outstanding ingredient.

Suppliers of Palm Oil Rbd Palm Olein

Our Malaysian Palm Kernel Oil is naturally extracted using mechanical means in a sustainable way. Our unrefined, organic palm kernel oil is high quality and low moisture to ensure that it spawns healthier crops. We give you palm kernel oil options of natural solvent extracted (NSO), mechanically extracted (ME) or hulling extraction that limits the use of solvents. Moreover, we offer primarily refined & bleached shellers (REBS), bleached only shellers(BOSS) and full bleached shellers(FBS) depending on your end usage like food products, animal soaps and bio. our company provides the supply of 100% genuine palm kernel oil cP 10


Free Fatty Acid ( % ):             0.1%Max

Moisture & Impurities( % ):    0.1%Max
Slip Melting Point:                24 Max
Cloud Point:                         10 Max
Iodine value (g/100 g):         58 Min
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4 “:      Red 2.5 Max Yellow 25.0 Max
Appearance:                       Pale yellow, bright & clear oily liquid
Odor:                                   Bland, odorless

RBD Palm Oil 2023

Application: Deep-frying oils for food industries, i.e. noodles, snack foods, etc. Also used in manufacturing of margarines, shortenings, ice cream, condensed milk, vanaspati, cookies, etc. Appplication: Mainly as cooking and frying medium. Also used in manufacturing of margarine and shortening.
Application: Used for production of specialty fats, i.e. margarines, confectionery fats, bakery, milk industry, etc. Also used in production of non-foods, i.e. soap, candle, etc.
Palm oil, palm kernel oil and Soybean Oil are all forms of vegetable oils that are produced by crushing the fruit of the Oil Palms, as well as, exacting Cold Pressed extraction on Round Burg + Red Burg Edible Oils for Refined Products



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